It was all very exciting – Corona in 2020: when was the last time anything was allowed? One thing was certain: the portrait shooting is going ahead – with ESTHER HAASE and GESINE GOLD (strategic holistic branding for THE NOBLE WORLD brand and “The Making of” images).

With the initial easing of the first lockdown, Gesine Gold and I took the train to Berlin, where we visited FIONA BENNETT in her workshop/studio. A wonderful selection of hats, turbans and many other forms of curious headwear. I have always worn hats, scarves and turbans and love experimenting with them. This fable is also one of my trademarks.

We very soon found what we were looking for.

Fiona Bennett’s wonderful shop on Potsdamer Strasse in Berlin – there are so many inspiring details to take in!

During the branding process, various meetings were held at the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten. When the weather was nice, I drove up in my 1958 MGA.

By July the time had finally come – with a studio set up in the house and garden, we were well prepared to meet Corona distancing requirements.

It was an unforgettable day, Esther came to the shoot with her dog JOE and all her equipment. Thanks to St. Petrus we had perfect weather and could set up a studio in the garden as well as inside. We put the numerous props throughout the house to good use for extra styling during the shoot.

The fabulous Gabriele Theurer from Berlin – a great make-up artist – did my make-up. Different outfits were tried on, we had a great time and everyone chipped in with their feedback. The champagne flowed, too!