Woman in motion

This ensemble is a detail from the red parlour of a small apartment. The painting is by Lili Nalovi, an artist from Hamburg who currently lives in Berlin.

Beneath the painting is a console table made of ZITAN wood, a type of sandalwood whose trees are all but extinct today. Pieces of this wood are almost priceless and very rare. The console table is from the Qing Dynasty /1644 CHINA and stands out thanks to its unique design. The top is made of solid Zitan wood with legs that slightly flare out. Columnar struts have been designed to support the dense, heavy wood that forms the top of the table. In its simplicity, this piece has an almost contemporary look.

A console table with the very same construction and joinery has pride of place in the National Museum in Taipei, Taiwan. The Art Deco armchair has been restored and is a wonderful addition. The collectibles on the console complement the ensemble perfectly.

The woman in the picture appears to be walking weightlessly through the room; the subdued colour of the walls allows the artwork and antiquarian furniture to perfectly come to the fore.